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'Eilean a Cheo' / The Misty Isle

Finding yourself washed up on the shore of an unknown island after your longship sinks at sea, you are left with nothing but your trusted axe by your side.


Looking up from the beach to the vast landmass beyond, three words sear themselves into your mind.

Fear, Awe and Reverence.

Fear at what lies amongst those dark forests.

Fear at being utterly alone and helpless against the elements and the insurmountable challenge ahead of you as you lay there wet, cold and hungry.

Awe; as the sun cuts through the morning fog Illuminating the great snow-capped mountains in the distance.

And reverence, reverence for land which can give as much as it takes away.

Reverence for a land controlled by those who commune not only with nature but with the gods. themselves.

Rise, Warrior. For stories are not sung of men who die without their axe in their hand.




In Pre Alpha explore a detailed 16 square kilometer island ranging from lush rolling plains to dense forests and snowy mountain tops.


As Development progresses explore a fully realised depiction of the Isle of Skye of the coast of Scotland.



Survive in a harsh windswept landscape, forage food from the land, stay hydrated from mountain streams, and stay warm amongst wild weather ranging from rain to deep snow blanketing the landscape.


Harvest realistic resources from the environment to build shelters to protect you against both the elements and wild animals. Construct a large array of both pre built upgradable structures, modular wood and stone constructions and late game entire towns and villages.




A fully dynamic day and night cycle changes as you play exists in the game allowing the player to navigate the world using both the sun and real world stars at night.


However, nights bring cold weather and wolves, to deal with.



From clear blue skies to heavy snowfall, the weather on the island changes as time passes and from season to season. 

You will want to make sure you're ready for when the first snowfall of the season arrives.


From craggy beaches to harsh and unforgiving mountains and dense pine forests, there is much to explore in Skye.


Herds of deer graze in the shade of vast pine trees, flocks of crows scatter to the wind as you approach the tree they were nesting in and wolves stalk the night.


With time dependent behaviours you can use your knowledge of the world to survive.


Help Support Development

As a single dev project I have decided to forgo crowdfunding such as Kickstarter and put up my own money to get the game to playable Alpha.

I want to launch into Alpha in a fully playable state, with the plan that once launched into Early Access I can raise the funds to complete the development of the final map and add a narrative single player campaign on top of the Survival base with Multiplayer PvP and PvE coming afterwards. I would also like to add Voxel Tech to the game.

It's a lot to ask, but, if you feel like donating towards our vision, it would really help us get to Alpha and make something truly different.

​FARMER - £10

A Thank you in the game credits and the warm feeling of

knowing you helped get the game made.

Warrior - £15

Access to the Alpha build of the game when it launches (See Roadmap)

All future builds of the game up to launch and including free patches.

Æsir - £25

Access to the Pre Alpha testing phase*

*This will launch some time before Alpha but is yet to be confirmed.

Access to the Alpha build of the game when it launches (See Roadmap)

All Future Builds of the game up to launch and including future free patches.

Help shape the development of the game post alpha in the private Discord.

Unique in game shield, show others your godly status in game.



Below is a very rough outline of the plan for Skye and a generalised release schedule, as I near each milestone I will flesh out the exact features launching in each Quarter. The below milestones are goals and may be subject to change.

Q1 - 2022


Pre Alpha Testing

Alpha Launch - Single Player Survival Game

Fictional 16sq km Test Map

Free Ongoing Content Updates

Q2 - 2022


Multiplayer Support / Co-Op Survival

Fictional 16sq km Test Map

Free Ongoing Content Updates

The Beta will add in PvP, PvE and co op to the game

allowing players to claim territory, forms in game clans,

alliances and fueds with other players.

Q3 - 2022


Narrative Single Player Experience

Georgraphically correct Skye Map Released

Free Ongoing Content Updates

Q4 - 2022


Free Ongoing Content Updates

DLC1 - Travel to the harsh wilds of Greenland to found a new colony

Q4 + 2023


Free Ongoing Content Updates

DLC2 - Travel to the Viking colonies of East Anglia and discover the descendants of the feared warrior Boudica.